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Benefits of Shipping Containers

Why use Storage containers?

Strength and Durability

Aside from shipping, containers are considered an ideal building material. They are designed to handle heavy loads and to be stacked high on top of each other. They are also designed to withstand harsh environments including weather and chemicals, like as on ocean-going vessels or when transported on roads. Because of their high strength and durability, containers are often adapted for secure storage.

Cost Savings

Compared to finished structures, such as brick and mortar, the cost for storage containers is low. Even more savings can be found when you consider the cost a traditional structure would incur in foundation development. Modified storage containers require little construction labor, and can be purchased pre-modified to save even more time and money. Transportation costs are also low compared to similarly sized structures, as shipping containers are already designed for easy transport.


Storage containers are built to specific standard measurements. This means that, although the height and length can vary, all shipping containers have same width. This makes it easy for shipping containers to be modified and combined into larger structures. The common structural design simplifies any further design, planning and transport. Transportation is also easy with shipping containers, especially considering it's the basis of their design. Because of the containers' modular design, additional construction is as easy as stacking and combining more containers. When empty, they can be stacked up to 12 units high.

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Get the right container for your specific needs.

Get the right container for your specific needs.

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